Summer Camp Week #5 ~ Afternoons

AUGUST 14 to 18   ~ 12:30 to 3:30

Walk/Trot/Canter – Beginner to Intermediate

    • Designed to be a safe and fun experience for riders who have taken lessons and are confidently riding unassisted at a walk trot level and who have a little experience with beginner or intermediate canter.
    • We will review and expand on the knowledge of the riders horsemanship on and off of the horse. We will get into greater detail of daily horse care.
    • We will have a 1 hour riding lesson each day to advance the campers riding position, balance, control, and confidence. We will also be working over ground poles and moving towards course work with ground poles.
    • The camps are a nice way for our current students to meet other riders in our program and develop new friendships here at KCR.
    • We do encourage our riders’ parents to come and watch the last day of camp, as we like to put on a special horse show for the riders to demonstrate what they have learned. 
    • Please note this is not a camp for a beginner with no experience, and the riders must meet the criteria to participate.

$425 inc GST

    • 5 Day Program includes camp t-shirt
    • Snacks/Lunches are not provided

What you’ll need for your camp:

        • Online Waiver Filled Out (If Not Already Done)
        • Boots (with 1-2” heel)
        • Helmet (some available)
        • Riding pants
          – English – Riding Pants or half-chaps
          – Western – Jeans are acceptable
        • Clothing for the Weather