Summer Camp Week #2 – Afternoon

Jul 29 to Aug 2 ~ 1:00 to 4:00

Walk / Trot – Beginner to Intermediate – Age 6+

    • Designed to be a safe and fun experience for beginner riders with little to no experience, and up to riders who have taken a few lessons or previous camps and have some experience with basic steering and trotting.
    • We will review and expand on such things as safe handling, grooming, daily care of the horse, care of your equipment, and how to tack and untack your horse.
    • We will have a 1 hour riding lesson each day to advance the basic riding position, balance, control, and steering through obstacle courses as well as picking up the pace to a trot and advancing our control while doing so.
    • Although most of the camp is geared towards the horses and other animals here on the farm, there will be a day with a few games as well as a craft for the children to take home as a little keepsake.
    • We do encourage our riders’ parents to come and watch the last day of camp, as we like to put on a special horse show for the riders to demonstrate what they have learned. 

$475 inc GST

    • 5 Day Program includes camp t-shirt
    • Snacks/Lunches are not provided

What you’ll need for your camp:

        • Online Waiver Filled Out (If Not Already Done)
        • Boots (with 1-2” heel)
        • Helmet (some available)
        • Riding pants
          – English – Riding Pants or half-chaps
          – Western – Jeans are acceptable
        • Clothing for the Weather