Barn Buddies

Parent and Child Private Sessions

Pony Time – Safe Handling, Grooming, Ride

Petting Zoo – Treat Cup, Visit & Tour


  • Ages 2 to 8
  • $40.00/Child (Inc GST)
  • 30 Minute Private Session w/Instructor
  • Two Adults Maximum Per Child (No Charge)

What you’ll need:

Booking Instructions:

  • Select Quantity – 1 or 2 Spots
    • One Child Per Spot / Two Spots Per Half Hour
    • Two Children Can Be Booked Using Two Spots
  • Select DateTime
    • Select Add A Time For Other Spots
    • Select Recurring For Weekly Spots
    • Select Continue To Finish Booking
  • Can Reschedule w/24 Hours Notice Via The Booking Confirmation Email
  • Non-Refundable